Commercial endeavor has consistently evolved through the ages. Advances in technology, transportation, and communication, and the transformation from parochial to international focus has resulted in the complex, multifaceted global economy of today. One element of this state of affairs has remained consistent, however - individuals and corporations engaging in commercial enterprise want to insure that their investments remain as safe as possible and increase in value over time. Seay Stewardship & Investment Company (SSI) exists to serve that critical purpose - protection, stewardship, and augmentation of client assets in a complicated, ever-changing economic environment.

George E. Seay, III established SSI in 1998 to serve clients through investment management, financial counsel and planning, estate planning, and tax-related counsel. SSI's formation is based upon the premise that individualized investment management, specifically tailored to serve the unique needs and interests of each client, represents the most effective and trustworthy manner by which to protect, shepherd, and augment the assets of each client. Working carefully with each client to assess risk tolerance, investment suitability, long range goals, and tax-related issues, SSI will structure specific investment portfolios that meet the client's parameters and wishes. SSI serves the investment needs of individuals, family trusts, charitable foundations, estates, institutions, and select retirement vehicles.

SSI's primary investment service arises from individualized portfolio management. SSI provides discretionary investment management in the areas of common stocks, fixed income securities, real estate, and oil and gas royalty interests. Additionally, SSI offers financial counsel and planning to assist clients in preparing for future events such as college education for children, retirement, and discretionary income sources for the future. Furthermore, SSI offers counsel in estate planning and taxation, as Mr. Seay is a licensed attorney, capable of assisting clients in limitation of tax liability and assurance that financial planning is well-suited to address future needs and goals.

SSI has designed its compensation structure to ally itself with the interests and goals of its clients. SSI's only source of compensation is fee income from its clients, through a percentage charge based upon client assets under management (1). SSI receives no income from outside third parties. As SSI receives no commission related compensation, SSI's success depends on the success of its clients; as clients prosper financially, the reputation and prospects of SSI increase as well. Alliance of SSI's interests with those of its clients eliminates conflicts of interest, solidifies its clients' trust in the firm, and insures that each client is aware of SSI's compensation structure and its natural incentive to provide each client superior investment management, safety, and performance.

1. The SSI Fee Schedule can be found under the page by the same name.